And you’re here. I’m Miglena, a bulgarian woman living in France, mother of my little Gabchou, blogging in both english and french 🙂

My name is Miglena and I am the happy mother of a little Gabriel, nicknamed Gabchou, who inspired the name of my blog.

It’s been more than a year since I was catapulted into the curious world of young parents. The beginning of maternity for me was full of questions and uncertainties related to the arrival of the baby. This period was an opportunity to talk to other moms (something better than a Mum’s experience), to potash the “big” books and to squeeze the canvas to find valuable advice.

I finally decided, not without the help and the impulse of Mat my husband, to create my own blog to share with me my experiences, impressions, questions or just my daily working Mum! “

In life I am a lawyer and I sail like a lot of parents, in the everyday life of work, transportation, baby, couple life and more recently blogger life.

Welcome home, I hope you will find a lot of useful information. Feel free to share your own experiences and questions with me by commenting on the articles or via the blog form.