With the birth of my son I became very attentive to the ingredients in baby cosmetics, whether it is supermarket or pharmacy products. The reason ? The presence of controversial ingredients in baby care such as phenoxyethanol, sulphated surfactants considered irritants and allergens, PEGs, artificial flavors … and the list is not exhaustive!

Why choose the homemade body care for her child?

To make home pet care for the baby and children If you can more or less tolerate petrochemical preservatives in washable products (and still …), it is not the same for the products that remain on the skin. The skin being an organ like any other, it is not impermeable. Obviously the harmful products applied to the skin cross the skin barrier and enter the blood. We must therefore be even more vigilant concerning them!

That’s why I decided to embark on the adventure of homemade, with quality and organic ingredients that I choose myself. Then you go see, make your cosmetic products, is not at all complicated and what is more, much more economical and eco-friendly. And yes “Let’s make our planet great again”! 🙂 re

The use of balm

Several uses are possible for this balm which is perfect not only for children but also for the whole family. First of all it is an excellent massage treatment for babies. In my opinion, toddlers do not need anything on the skin, but from 2-3 months you can use this balm to massage and calm baby.

Mother makes massage for happy baby, apply oil on the foot, with white background

The balm works perfectly as a cream of exchange also to prevent the redness on the buttocks of the babies.

For the older ones like my 4 year old son, it can be applied regularly on the rough parts of the body, elbows and knees, for example. The balm is also excellent for treating irritations and eczema of babies and children. It has a miraculous effect on Gabchou which has plenty of little buttons on the cheeks and forearms.

You can also use this balm in nourishing and moisturizing care for the whole body, 2 to 3 times per week depending on the skin of the baby / child and the frequency of the baths.


Sweet almond oil

An oil well known for the care of toddlers. Used in massage, it calms the itching, the irritations of the skin (eczema), and fills the crevasses. It also softens the skin and can be used in particular to fight against stretch marks (I think especially to future mothers;)).

Used alone, however I do not find it very nourishing for very dry and atopic skins.

Coconut oil

An oil to buy mandatoirment of good quality, bio and extracted cold. This oil is very nourishing, but at the same time does not leave a greasy feel like some others (avocado, cocoa ..). It protects and moisturizes the skin especially dry and sensitive skin. Coconut oil is also known for its anti-bacterial and calming effect for all the itching and irritations.

It is ideal for dry and atopic skin.

Shea Butter

Well known in African countries, it is also used to massage and treat irritations of children’s skins or to moisturize their hair. You will find more details on the well-made shea butter in my article on house deodorants.

The Calendula

The calendula a plant with yellow and orange flowers of the family Asteraceae.

Thanks to its multiple components, the calendula offers many applications. In cosmetics, calendula is particularly appreciated for the treatment of skin problems: irritations, redness, inflammation of the skin (psoriasis, eczema, acne …), itching the crusts of milk in infants, Breastfeeding …. It also soothes the delicate skins of babies and children.

Calming and moisturizing balm for babies and children

Calming and moisturizing balm for babies and children



  1. Begin by disinfecting all your tools (spoons, containers) with 90 ° alcohol if not sterilized.
  2. Melt the beeswax in a bain marie.
  3. Remove from heat and add coconut oil and shea butter. Mix until butter melts.
  4. Then add the sweet almond oil, oily calendula macerate, vitamin E and essential oil.
  5. Pour into a glass jar or small mason jar and let cool.
  6. For application, remove a small nut from the balm, warm in your hands to melt and apply to the body.
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Tips and advice

  • If you do not have calendula macerate, you can make one yourself. In a small glass jar, put dried flowers of calendula or for lack of chamomile. Pour over selected amount of sweet almond oil. Let macerate for 1 week, ideally in the sun. Then filter with a sieve by pressing the flowers well to remove the juice.
  • The essential oil of true lavender is very well tolerated by children and babies in small quantities and also serves as a natural preservative. However in case of allergies, you can also use a natural flavor of vanilla, caramel or orange blossom.
  • Some Anglo-Saxon mothers mass their babies just with coconut oil and some lavender essential oil. It is also effective, but I find the combination of shea / coconut oil / sweet almond oil even more successful and complete as care, especially for atopic skins. The combination of vegetable oils, also penetrates a little less quickly in the skin, leaving you time to massage baby.modern moisturizing and soothing balm for babies and children

Do not forget to test the wrist of the child before the first application, in order to detect any allergies.

The duration of the conversation

Obviously home products have a shorter shelf life, precisely because of the absence of chemical preservatives. For this reason it is necessary to make a smaller quantity and to renew approximately every 3 months its stock. The recipe for children that I propose to you has this enormous advantage of being kept relatively long due to the absence of water in the formula. One can even go up to 6 months of conservation while checking regularly the odor.

For the squeezed moms, you can also find my special balm “babies and children” on my shop Etsy.



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