At home the backpacks for Gabchou is a bit like handbags for his mom, as much to say that it is a deal that is not treated lightly! We use a lot of backpacks not only to go to school, of course, but also to our many outings and trips.

So the ideal backpack for the LG Family must be not only beautiful, but also practical and ergonomic. Thanks to “Berceau Magique” : we had the opportunity to test one of these brands of backpacks and not just any, but the famous Belgian brand “Lilliputiens“.

Lilliputiens has concocted this year a new collection of backpacks for school and any kind of activities, absolutely stunning, with the characters of Georges and Louise!

Is not it stunning our Georges ??? Discover quickly what we love in our favorite Lemur!


Little Gabchou loves:

The multi-functional side of this small bag

This small backpack is ideal for re-entry into kindergarten. It is very easy to put all the necessary things, tasting, doudou, small notebook … My Gabchou had adopted it with a huge pleasure for the last weeks of schools before the summer holidays. It also works well for school outings and picnics, as you can easily slip a lunch box.

What I also like in this bag is the fact of being able to use it for extra-curricular activities. As it does not have the form of a schoolbag, it can be brought quietly to the beach, on vacation or for a weekend with grand parents.

During the summer holidays another job was assigned to our national Georges: to transport toys and forms of sand for the beach. Gabchou also likes that I put his water gourd and his special “beach activities“.

Its convenience:

The ergonomic strap on the front to hold the straps!

It’s an absolute Must Have! The strap prevents the shoulder straps from slipping on the children’s clothes and shoulders. It can clip very easily for small hands still a little awkward. My son immediately enjoyed not having the ramp falling every time he runs with his bag on his back. This strap is a real comfort we don’t really realize before having tried it, and then once tested one no longer goes without!

The scratch behind Georges’ head that hides a label

Just perfect to write the name and first name of the childs. At home, we have attached our personalized badge from Stikets to the backpack, but if you do not have it, the label on the bag will do the trick.

The capacity and size of the bag

The size of the backpacks for kindergarten was one of my puzzles for the first year of school of Gabchou. What should I put in a bag? What size should it be? The ideal backpack for me is the one that does not clutter and does not weigh too much on the child’s shoulders. It must be able to contain the snack, the doudou, the notebook of liaison. I did a little demo with Georges, as you can see he fulfilled his role perfectly. It has 2 large pockets; A front with a transparent window and a back with a pocket inside and a bottle slot.

The beautiful design

The character of Georges really has a cute face sympathetic to the children, as Lilliputiens knows so well to do it. I also love the colors chosen for this bag; Rather pastels and not very screaming.

They are, moreover, quite neutral and can easily complete the look of a little girl (especially if like me you are not too adept at the famous “pink for girls, blue for boys”.

The small transparent pocket on the front adds an original touch and allows the child to personalize his bag, my 4 year old son put his drawings to admire them all the time.

Pssst and if you are rather satchel than bag, know that Georges le Lémurien also exists in schoolbag version!

So what do you think about this bag and the new collection of Lilliputiens? What is your backpack for back to school?


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