Gift idea handmade Bath bombs like Lush and sparkling bath saltsPlunge into a good aromatic and relaxing bath that tells you? This falls well because I will present today two cosmetics recipes for home-made bath that you can easily reproduce at home. And for DIY enthusiasts, they are great gift ideas to offer for the holidays (Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day …).

These are the recipes of sparkling bath salts and bombs (effervescent bath balls) in the style of the bath bombs of the famous brand Lush. The advantages of the homemade are well known: lower cost, safe ingredients and obviously the pleasure of making a gift with his own hands.


We can prepare these products for fans of cocooning, use them for pleasure during the winter evenings (on condition that the kids sleep!), or Slip them into the children’s bath for a colorful and fun moment.
I guarantee that the girls (and maybe even the guys 🙂) of all ages will crack for these little sweets relaxation and pleasure.

DIY gift idea recipe salt baths effervescent way sugar barley

Bath bombs the recipe

And here is also a glimpse of the selection of “homemade” gifts I had prepared for my Little Gabchou box in December and which you can, also, concoct at home.

The recipes I used, I adapted them according to my desires and the needs of my child. You can, of course, do the same at home. 😉

Ingredients for effervescent bath salts:

  • 350g of Epsom salts
  • 250g of sodium bicarbonate of soda
  • 125g citric acid
  • 15 to 20 drops of essential oil suitable for children * or 30 to 40 drops of any oil, if for an adult.

* I used non-toxic yellow mandarin essential oil for the little ones. It is best known for its calming effect and children love its gourmet smell. If you do not have one at home, you can replace it with the essential oil of true lavender also recommended for relaxation and calm sleep.

To finalize your gift, I propose an idea of original labels to print HERE.

To see how to prepare and decorate in the form of barley sugar bath salts, do not hesitate to watch my video tutorial Youtube just below.

The ingredients for bath bombs (bath balls)

  • 230g of sodium bicarbonate of soda
  • 115g citric acid
  • 115g of Maïzena
  • 115g of Epsom Salts *
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 3 tablespoons oil (choice castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil …)
  • 15 to 20 drops of essential oil (ie recipe of bath salts, if for a child) or up to 40 drops of any oil, if for an adult.
  • A plastic mold or other, silicone molds … what you have on hand.

* Epsom salts are optional, you can not put them if you do not have them at home. However, as the Epsom salts are neither more nor less crystallized magnesium, they have a “relaxing” effect, relaxing on the muscles of the body. And the body can absorb it through the skin. For stressed people and overexcited children it is also a way to relax and get ready for the night.
To decorate and present as gifts your bath bombs, you can print and cut out my free labels HERE.

The tutorial of both recipes is to be found in my YouTube video.

Tips and Advice for Successful Bath Bombs

Following your many questions about the somewhat delicate manufacture of bath bombs, I decided to update this article in order to better help you. 😉

1. How do I know if my preparation is ready for the mold?

Test with your palm. Take a quantity of the final preparation and squeeze into your hand. By releasing, the ball that has formed inside your hand, must hold, if it cracks or crumbles, is that the preparation is too dry. Add a little oil or spray water, mixing vigorously to avoid activating the citric acid.

2. How can I get a better hold of my ball?

Put solid melted butters in a bain-marie, rather than oils. You can for example put shea butter, cocoa butter or mango. So when cooling the butters solidify and better hold the bath bomb.

Think of tamping the preparation well in the pan. Fill each half of the mold and cup with your fingers. Then take the 2 halves and add some preparation before closing them. The surplus in the middle will further support and compact on the walls of the mold.

3. How to add water in without activating the preparation?

You can use a water spray rather than putting the water in the oils like me. Spray and blend until the preparation holds in your hand as explained above.

You may need a little time to master the manufacturing, but the recipe works very well. Here are my latest productions. 😉

Have fun and tell me if you liked it!

And if you do not have time to make your 100% natural and handmade bath bombs, go to my shop Etsy I may have something for you.  😉 


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