I discovered the sensory bottles at the Gabchou nursery during its adaptation week. One of the nurses had the idea to recycle bottles of S.Pellegrino in toys for the children by filling them with a little rice, pasta, jelly, colored water, plastic balls …! I was very surprised to see all the little ones in the section of my gnome throw themselves with great interest on these bottles, arguing them even!

A little tour on Pinterest later and I discovered that the principle of the sensory bottles not only is not new, but in addition it is directly inspired by the sensory activities of the pedagogy Montessori (owl!). Many moms on the blogosphere have appropriated this idea to make diverse and varied creations, starting from bottles and even going to the plastic bags or sensory bins for the biggest.

In my turn then to throw me 🙂! And if you like this activity, do not hesitate to take a look at my other Montessori-inspired activities.

What are Sensory Bottles?

The principle is simple: use plastic bottles (not glass, 😉) to create toys that stimulate the development of the senses of babies and young children, mainly the auditory and visual sense. One can use all his imagination for the filling by using everything that the kitchen cupboard and the basket of creative leisure can provide us.

Baby then enjoys manipulating the bottles to weigh, shake to listen to the noise, spill them to watch objects or liquid move inside. It’s simple, playful, educational and it appeals to toddlers and even the older ones.

Be careful to secure the bottles, you have to put on the contour inside the cap of super glue and then screw it! Allow to rest for a few hours to make sure the plastic is glued.

Some ideas “made in Little Gabchou” to create sensory bottles:

The bottle “Christmas tassels”

To create it I used:

  • 1 packet of multi-colored Christmas tassels
  • 1 bottle (I used the small bottles of Schweppes for their smooth walls, but any bottle, not too big, can also serve)

To make the bottle 2 possibilities:

You can put some pompoms in the bottle and put some water over it. Leave some air at the top of the bottle and close well. Baby can have fun putting the bottle upside down and watching the tassels floating inside.
You can simply put the pom poms in the bottle with some seeds of rice to make it “tinkle” and let baby shake it at will 😉.

Starry sky

To do this you will need:

  • A little food coloring (blue)
  • Canola oil or other edible oil
  • Powdered flakes

To prepare, pour equal amounts of oil and water into the bottle. Sprinkle with glitter in the eye and top with a few drops of blue food coloring. Close the bottle with glue as explained above. Let the baby shake the bottle carefully and observe what happens inside 😉.

The “PlayMais” bottle

To manufacture it you will need:

  • 1 small box of PlayMaisaux colors of your choice
  • 1 pack of bells

Pour the whole thing inside the bottle, screw and stick the cap. My son loves the sound of the bells that escapes from the bottle as soon as it shakes it! Top to awaken the auditory sense. In addition it puts in the “mood” Christmas 😉.

The “rainbow” bottle

To make it I used:

  • White rice
  • Of raw pasta
  • food coloring

So if you have nothing on hand to style: beads, pompons and co. , You can simply use your pantry to make sensory bottles. My dyes being in the form of powder I proceed as follows: I dilute them with water in bowls and I dip in about 15 minutes the rice and the pasta until full coloring. After I let it dry on paper towels.

If you have liquid concentrated dye, the method is to pour the rice into a freezer bag with a few drops of coloring. Close the bag and shake well to mix the dye with the seeds. Let dry and cover about 1/3 of the bottle.

Medusa in bottle

Here is a super original, creative and economical bottle! It is a lot of fun for toddlers who watch fascinated jellyfish “floating” inside the bottle. You can also have it made by your “big” children story to occupy them on the rainy weekends of November 😉.

So what do you need to make the bottle “Jellyfish”?

  • 1 very fine plastic bag, like those of the “fruits and vegetables” department of your supermarket
  • 1 bottle of blue mineral water (those of Perrier are top) or if not a white bottle, but plan blue dye.
  • some thread
  • Scissors very well sharp failing you will not be able to cut out the plastic bag very fine.

And here is what it gave us 😉

To make the jellyfish I put you below the TUTO in French that I found on the blog petitshomeschoolers

So did you like it? Did you know the principle of sensory activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy and bottles in particular?

In any case, here is one who loves to have fun with 🙂 I let you judge 😉



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