Why choose homemade deodorant?

Me and industrial deodorants have always been a “I love you either”. Not that I do not like feeling good, (quite the contrary!), But I discovered that I had extreme sensitivity to its products from the petrochemical industry. There was not a single brand of deo, known and less known which over time did not cause me allergies to the armpits. At a point where I finished with red armpits “blood”, cracked and peeling, horror!

Industrial deodorants with doubtful composition

Out of my misfortunes with the allergies to the deodorants of the supermarket, I think it useful to make a small focus on the composition of these products. It is no longer a secret to anyone today that the aluminum salts contained in most antiperspirant deodorants are believed to be at the root of the abnormal cell division that causes breast cancer.

Aluminum AND parabens have also been suspected since the early 2000s of being the reason for the increase of this type of cancer in women. The only reason why they are still to be found in the deo is that the divergent opinions of scientists on the subject do not make it possible to prove with certainty the cause-and-effect link.

I do not know about you, but I would be of the opinion to apply the precautionary principle. Especially since the armpits are a “key” places of our body. They “hide” lymph nodes that are supposed to provide immunity to the body. Now how can they function properly if they have to fight daily against the external toxins of cosmetics?

Apart from the problem of aluminum and parabens, deodorants, like many products of the petrochemical industry, are full of little allergenic and polluting “surprises” for the planet, such as PEG, artificial flavors, endocrine disrupters …

To read more on the subject, I advise you to take a look at this article which gives you some (good) reasons to put deodorants of the supermarket in the trash.

I tested more natural solutions but …

Obviously there are more natural solutions like organic deodorants or even alum stone. I do however this small aside to draw your attention to the polemic around the stone of alum. This stone naturally contains … aluminum. Yes, yes, the same one that we wanted to avoid in antiperspirant deodorants, but of natural origin. Well, even if for the moment there are only suspicions concerning this natural aluminum, personally I did not want to fall back into the same thing.

And regarding the organic deodorants, I found that they were not very effective on me (I even had an allergy with a well-known deodorant of a famous organic brand 😉).

After all this, a little in desperation, I decided to look for home-made deodorant recipes for sensitive skin, to find a formula that would be effective and not irritating to my skin.

My recipe for sensitive skins

Deodorant for sensitive skin

Most homemade deodorant recipes found on the Internet are based on the absorbing and purifying qualities of baking soda. The bicarbonate I adore, but not a remedy on my skin, it is very abrasive and causes me nasty rashes.

Do not get me wrong, bicarbonate is very good, if your skin is not sensitive, but if you have a skin like mine, I strongly advise against it, otherwise you risk ending up with ugly eczemas under the armpits.

From my recipe I also removed the cornstarch and / or arrow root and coconut oil, ingredients that are found regularly, but that I find messy and staining for clothes. If you like these ingredients, obviously you can adapt the recipe to your liking. 🙂


A wonder of nature, this butter is rich in Vitamin A and E which have beneficial effects on the skin. Shea butter also has the quality of penetrating quickly into the skin, thus avoiding any risk of staining its clothes). It also a not comedogenic , which means it does not clog the pores of the skin and lets it breathe.


Cold pressed almond oil contains many softening qualities for dry and sensitive skin, but globally adapts to all skin types. It penetrates quickly into the skin and gives it a soft texture, as the name suggests.


White clay “Kaolin”, a creamy or gray mineral powder rich in silica and magnesium, which have the virtue of repairing and preventing skin irritations. This is a remedy known since ancient times (the mud baths you see?). It has strong absorptive capacities hence the interest of using it in a home deodorant.

Clay in solution can also remineralize and detoxify the skin, by exchanging its mineral salts with the toxins and impurities of the skin. Not bad the deal!


Zinc oxide is particularly effective against bacteria which are the real reason for bad odors under the armpits.

To avoid unpleasant smells, you must create a hostile environment for bacteria, while preserving the natural pH of the skin (unlike products such as bicarbonate and vinegar that tend to cause an unbalanced pH too alkaline from where Irritations). Zinc oxide is also known for its soothing virtues, hence its use in the creams for the buttocks of babies. It is particularly effective even for people who suffer from strong smelly sweating.


The tea tree essential oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Mixed with a fatty substance it can also boost the immune system.

I sweat a lot (bad luck!) and this oil has a miraculous effect on me, it decreases sweating and refreshes.

However it has a relatively strong smell that does not appeal to everyone, it can be diluted by putting half oil “tea tree” and half essential oil of lavender or lemon or grapefruit …


Beeswax, preferably organic and unrefined, is perfect to preserve all the properties of natural butters and oils over time. It also serves to solidify the preparation.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E or tocopherol, is a natural ingredient often used in home cosmetics. It can, like essential oils, play the role of a natural preservative and prevent oils and vegetable butters from turning. It can also tone and moisturize the skin.

Home deodorant recipe for sensitive skin without bicarbonate

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Home deodorant recipe for sensitive skin without bicarbonate



  1. Clean and sterilize your equipment and deodorant container.
  2. Melt the beeswax pellets on a low heat. Be careful not to boil the water so as not to damage the ingredients.
  3. Add the shea butter. Mix until the butter melts.
  4. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add the sweet almond oil, white clay, zinc, Vitamin E and drops of essential oil.
  5. Mix vigorously, the preparation will gradually begin to become thicker. Pour at this point into the mold or deodorant stick.
  6. Let it harden for at least 2 hours.
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Usage tips:

Let the deodorant soften for a few seconds against the skin before starting the application.
A small amount of the deodorant is sufficient. Needless to pass several times on the armpits.
The deodorant can be used for several months. Thanks to the essential oils and its formula without addition of water, it can be preserved without problem for 6 months or even more.
The deodorant is perfect for men. Test carried out on my Man who has given up since his Mennen.

DIY déodorant fait maison peaux sensibles

My natural deodorant does not work, what to do?

People who have long used industrial antiperspirant deodorants may find in the first instance ineffective natural deodorants. In fact, this phenomenon is common and mostly due to the fact that your body will also try to clear the toxins it has absorbed for a while.

It should be noted that conventional deoctions also have the effect of blocking natural sweating, which has the consequence of over-stimulating the production of perspiration as soon as they are stopped. Thank you Narta and co.

Think of doing a detox cure to your armpits detox armpits

Armpit detox

To help your body better pass this transitional phase of “cleaning” and not be irritated by natural deos, there is a detox cure that I discovered thanks to the super site of Welnessmama. To do this you will need bentonite clay or if not Kaolin (remember I explained above that it has detoxifying properties), organic cider vinegar and water. The procedure is in English but easy to understand 😉.

Personally it took me 6 days of cure to get a good result. Keep in mind that your natural deodorant will not stop your sweating like the store’s deo. You will notice, however, that there will be significantly fewer bad odors and that your body will begin to perspire much less with time (that was my case) !.

So go to the natural deodorants it tells you?

Pssst … You do not have the time and / or the desire to make your own deodorant, but you want to switch to natural products? I may have a solution for you 🙂 Go take a look at my Etsy shop.

Deodorant 100% natural homemade




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