This summer with Gabchou we explored several types of activities, drawn on Pinterest, to amuse us. And I say “us”, car I took a lot of fun to spend time with him to play two and make him discover new things. I confess to you being increasingly attracted by the pedagogy of Maria Montessori and her very pragmatic and intuitive approach to the learning of everyday life to children.

My Gabchou (2 years old) is still small for pre-school activities, I turned more for sensory activities with the discovery of different textures, colors, shapes and manipulation of objects. I had already discovered in a previous article the principle of sensory bottles, this time we experimented the sensory bags, an idea disguised on Pinterest that I adapted to my sauce, as usual.

Do not hesitate to also discover our other favorite Montessori activities. 😉

The principle of sensory bags

These are small plastic hermetic sachets filled with various objects and textures that the child will enjoy discovering through touch and manipulation. Like Sensory Bottles, stimulating the senses and senses sensory. Sacs sensoriels Montessori sensory bags Montessori activities

The benefits of sensory bags

  1. The child can discover the different textures through the bag without getting out and without risking to swallow the objects inside. This is great for small streets and lovers of fun and parquet inlaid with paint or jelly.
  2. The child or baby discovers the colors and learning to manipulate the material inside.
  3. They stimulate the learning of the cause-and-effect relationship.
  4. Suitable for babies and older as there are so many ideas for bags to create.

Before you begin, the essentials to get:

Freezing food bags with hermetic closure type “Ziplog” (especially not the bags with ties to tie) the size you want.
Large scotch type Chatterton and colored tape to decorate the bag (optional)
To fill the bag: sequins, paint, dyes, confetti, pearls … all you want to have are rounded edges. Do not put objects with sharp edges that can pierce the bag.
Are you ready? Here are some ideas of sensory bags that I made this summer to have fun with Gabchou.

The “eyes in the stars” bag

The principle: to discover the texture of the jelly, to learn how to move the objects inside with the fingers, to have fun with the “googly eyes” (very much like that!).

sac sensoriel étoiles en plastique sensory bag with googly eyessac sensoriel sensory bag googly eyes


  • Homemade jelly
  • Food coloring (blue)
  • strass
  • Soft Confetti under the form of stars
  • Googly eyes (mobile plastic eyes)
    Unlike most American bloggers who use shampoo or hair gel to fill the bags, I prefer the use of “home” jelly, I find it more eco-friendly and above all it is edible and safe For the Child.

For my bags I made a jelly bed with agar agar (or gelatine depending on what you have in the closet) I divided it into 4 portions and I added 4 different colors For Each of the bags.

I filled 1/3 of the bag with blue jelly, rhinestones, stars and plastic eyes. I took out a maximum of air from the bag and then I reinforced the edges with the scotch to prevent possible leaks.

Gabriel had a lot of fun chasing the plastic eyes through the bag without the pupils moving each time they were touched. It is also made to pass some crash tests to the bag with its cars as you can see (the bag at the head of the shot!).

The “welcome to the jungle” bag

The principle: discover the texture of jelly and foam animals and learn to move by sliding with your fingers.

sac sensoriel jungle gelée colorants sensory bag filled with homemade jellyIngredients:

Same mode of operation, all the other bags, “1/3 of liquid to pour into the bag, on add the foam stickers and on vacuum max the air of the bag before closing and” tape “. It is also possible to stick the bag with a tape on the window to play with the transparencies, it’s pretty nice too.

The remaining stickers (there were 100 in my bag !!) can be recycled for a set of stickers. 🙂

The “rainbow foam bag”

The principle: to have fun with the texture of the shaving foam, super funny to the touch, and to discover the colors. The more the child mixes the bag the more the colors diffuse and mix, the total kiff! Suitable for the smallest. sac sensoriel mousse à raser sensory bag shaving cream

sensory play with shaving cream activité sensorielle sac sensoriel


  • Shaving foam 1st price (mine cost £ 1.50 at Super U)
  • food coloring

To make the bag I put a first layer of foam, I added a few drops of red dye, I then covered with a second layer of foam and added a few drops of blue dye. I repeated the exercise until the bag was fully filled. Then I emptied the remaining air and I closed and strengthened.

By having fun playing with the bag the child will gradually knead the colors to obtain a “rainbow” effect. The texture of the moss has enormously intrigued Gabchou. The big advantage of this bag is that it is very light and easy to carry by small hands 😉.

The bag “car circuit”

The principle: fun to slip it inside the bag following the circuit traced. Develops fine motor skills and logic.

sac sensoriel circuit sensory bag car road

sac sensoriel circuit cars activités pour enfantingredients:

  • One or other rounded object (I also tested with a small nut)
  • Colored food jelly (or not)
  • An indelible felt

I first traced the circuit with the felt on the plastic bag, then I filled 1/3 of the bag with the jelly, added it as soon as and as usual emptied the bag to the max of air To prevent it cracking with support.

With Gabchou one tried to slip the soon and a hazelnut and the experiment was more conclusive for the hazel that advanced more easily in the gel with its rounded corners. Gabchou also made a crash test of the bag by making the course with his cart as you can see in photo 🙂.

The bag “Love is in the meadow”

The principle: Shake and manipulate the bag to look for small animals hidden among the rice seeds. Discovery of the grainy texture of rice.

activités sensorielles pour bébé sensory bag sensory activities

sac sensoriel riz activité montessori sensory bag with riceingredients:

  • The old rice of your cupboards (or lentils, flageolets …)
  • Wooden beads, logs or the like
  • Hazelnuts (optional)

Initially the idea was to color the rice in green to imitate the meadows, but when I saw how the warm color of the rice recalls the wheat fields of my childhood, I changed my mind, I left it natural. For the game to be fun and especially intriguing, you must fill more than half of the bag, otherwise the “game of excavation” will be too simple.

This is one of Gabchou’s favorite bags that loves to look for ladybugs inside his 🙂. He takes it everywhere, passes on it with his trotter and looks for the wooden beads after, it is to say that it is solid this one!

The “lava lamp” style bag

The principle: to discover the colors and the relation of cause and effect. One passes with the finger and the colored bubbles separate before reforming again. The more one slips on the finger the more the bubbles are numerous. Suitable for older children from 2 years.

sac sensoriel lampe à lave huile colorant lava lamp sensory bag

sac sensoriel huile colorant lava lamp sensory bag


  • Vegetable oil (I used lighter oilseed rape than other oils)
  • food coloring
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar

To make the “lava lamp” bag I filled it with oil first, about 1/3 of the bag, or even less. I then mixed the vinegar and the dye and sucked the liquid with a plastic syringe (an old Doliprane pipette works perfectly too). I added the colorful vinegar drop by drop in the bag. In this way the oil stays in small bubbles which come together much less for a maximum “lava lamp” effect.

Remember to carefully empty the air from the bag before closing it and reinforce the edges with scotch tape. Here is a small demonstration of how the “lava lamp bag” works.

And of course it is almost useless to remember that you should not leave unattended during play with the bags toddlers who tend to put everything in the mouth.

To pick up even more ideas from bags, you can also visit this site that lists a 40 of sensory bag ideas, just that!

So the sensory bags what do you think? Does it tempt you?


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