A New-Mom is often a synonym of a Hesitant-Mom. The beginning of the pregnancy is like an immersion in another world filled with exotic terms that you may never have heard before.

Young mom taking her baby for a stroll through park in autumn

During the first few months (while trying keep the balance between taking advantage of the sales and minding the expenses) you’ve being introduced to the peanut-shell, the maxi-cosi or the regular car seat (how can someone know that  those are the same?!). And what is more there are strollers that are 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and even 4 in 1 (!!!) with big wheels, small wheels, two wheels, 3 instead of 4….So, how to make the right decision when buying one of the most important, yet the most expensive purchase for your baby, his vehicle, and not to forget about the “bargain bucket”?

And as a typical New Hesitant Mom I have tried everything:

  • Asked for advice my mom, my grandma or in short, the experienced generation which had already had clear cut opinion on the issue. “You need a solid vehicle with a good bassinet, a hammock seat pushchair, a car seat and….” that can make you a cup of coffee.
  • Asked my already-Moms-friends who said “Frankly, you need buy a stroller with a bassinet. There is no use to store a tank in the closet after six month of using it. After that you have to buy a real stroller…” OK but then what to do with the new-born?

The answer is not that obvious when you are a novice and you don’t know the fine difference between the extendable seat and the maxi-cosi. Once I have found the precious answer, I decided not to keep it to myself but share it with you. It has been 10 months since I am using my  Bee +, a loyal companion to my Gabchou and I’ve been delighted.

To start with, I have to clarify that I live in the Region of Paris; in an apartment of 50 m2 without a basement. So, I needed a stroller that it is not too bulky; easily adaptable to the urban conditions which I could take occasionally in the nature (vacations with the grand parents are obligatory!). I also needed it not to be too heavy; to cover the first stroller age (0-6 months) as well as the second one (from 6 months on) and, if possible, to be without a bassinet where he can put his foots after 3 months of usage. As you see, this makes quite a lot of conditions.



According to the manufacturer, the  Bee + is “a complete urban stroller for parents who lead a hectic life’’. It is suitable for kids from 0 month to 4 years. It cannot be qualified as 2, 3 or 4 in 1 as the brand doesn’t fit in that classification (all in all is it really necessary?).

The stroller is not a bassinet for a new-born but has an apron and adaptors that could be bought additionally. If it is unexceptional requirement to you, it is possible to fix one the chassis of the stroller provided that you are handy person.

The Bee + has an extendable sun canopy with 3 positions (lying, sitting and intermediate) which allows the stroller to grow with your child.


The stroller fitted perfectly in my small apartment of 52 m2. His dreamed dimensions unfolded are 92x52x98 cm (length/width/height) and folded 88x43x31 cm. In other words, you pass freely by the cash register in the shop or in certain Parisian boutiques.

Having a car with a large trunk (our car is Scenic), it is not necessary to remove the accessories of the stroller such as the underneath basket or the seat unit after folding the stroller. However, if you have a smaller trunk, you can separate the parts in no time and remove the wheels. The stroller itself can be folded flat but if you have a wide trunk, you may put it aside or even put other stuff on top of it.


The Bee + weighs only 8,3 kg and it’s a bit heavier than Maclaren Techno XLR which was my second choice (7,5 kg without the basket and the canopy for the XLR model). As there is no need to add a basket or a canopy, the final construction rests more or less the same weight.

Of course, you should not compare this stroller’s weight to a stroller suited for the second age. The last is averaged between 4 and 6 kg depending on the model. But for a multifunctional stroller that will serve your baby until the age of 4 this one is a good compromise. Plus, you will definitely avoid making collection of strollers at home J


A key point to survive in the urban jungle is to toss and turn the stroller easily. Currently, we live in a building where you have to pass through 3 doors to go outside (thank you Mr. Architect!). With the Bee + I handle the stroller with one hand and push the door with the other without any difficulties or considerable physical effort. I have realized this undeniable advantage after observing a father trying desperately to exit the building with his stroller.

The wheels of the stroller rotates very easily and do not hinder which is pleasant to use. They have shock absorbers that prevent the baby from being shaken badly when walking in the park or on the rough roads.

Personally, we’ve brought our Bee+ everywhere during our vacations – to the beach, to the lake and jogging (!). Even though it is not a terrain stroller, it has proved its stamina. Well, this is an occasional extra –urban use.


The stroller folds into a compact bundle and opens easily with a push of the side buttons. This avoids the famous fight with the stroller which doesn’t want to fold when there are 10 cars on the parking wait for your parking spot. It is so functional that makes everyone jealous of you when you’re outside!

To those who really need space at home you can fold the stroller and remove the wheels. It is a rather easy exercise.

You can also easily change the position of the seat giving the child the opportunity to see his parents or the outside world. Even though this was one of my greatest fears, it is easier than the  video demonstrations. Provided that you read the manual first.


The handlebar is height adjustable. This is an important feature to avoid stiffness or other similar conditions especially if you a tall person.

It can be lifted to the level of the base which will allows you to take it discreetly to the restaurants or the local Starbucks without risking to be ripped by the passing by people.


Bee + is suitable for new-borns thanks to its Coccon lie-flat seat which can be used between age 0 and 6 months depending the height of your baby. This is what worried me most before buying this stroller. All in all, why don’t put the baby in the seat if it’s well tided (trauma to grandparents guaranteed).

What I can tell after 10 months of usage is that the Cocoon lie-flat seat is that this is the perfect substitute to the bassinet. In addition, Mr. Bebe looks much better when he sits inside with the open canopy than in a maxi-cosi.

After using the lie-flat seat for six months, I found it hard to leave it aside. Once the loyal service ended, I washed them (yes, I have the summer and winter version) and put them in two vacuum bags. It is impressive how much space you save this way!


The time of the old-school style strollers with the undefined (indeterminable) colours has passed. It is also a history a stroller that cannot be used for the second baby if he/she has different sex from the elder one.

The canopy of the Bee+ can be in different colours or replaced by UV canopy during the summer. The other accessories such as the bunting bag can be also customized. In addition, the colours are vivid and punchy.

You should know that  launches regularly special collections in collaboration with famous designers. One of my favourite is Happy Bugs collection which was introduced in collaboration with Andy Warhol.

On the other hand, the stroller has become an institution in UK where many moms make unique accessories. The last are sold in the UK version of a big American website. So, if you feel like, you can decorate your stroller with Mickey Mouse, or Hello Kitty, or even with the Union Jack.


The reversible seat is one of the advantages that tipped the balance towards the Bee + when comparing with Techno XLR which I said before was my second choice. To be able to face my baby and to make the most of my new-born was very important to me. Especially with the Bee+ you don’t need to spare an afternoon trying to fix the seat.

The seat reclines easily back when the baby takes a nap in the park and this is without waking him during the manipulation.

Another positive side is that the seat can be extended by pulling the back which comes handy when you have a big baby like mine.


The car seat is not included in the price of the stroller.

Unlike some other competing producer’s multifunctional strollers, the car seat does not come with Bugaboo Bee +. You have to buy it separately and to add some adaptors (around 40 euros) to secure the shell to the chassis.  This makes the stroller the most expensive in comparison with other similar products.

Another point to consider is that all Group 0+ car seats are not compatible with the stroller and it’s better to check in advance the website of the brand.

Personally, I bought the maxi-cosi by Pebble Bebe Confort which is compatible with the Bee + but I have never used it on the chassis of the stroller.  The Aton model of the Cybex is also compatible with Bee +.


The handlebars cannot hold the diaper bag. You have to look for a model with clip-on or to buy a specially designed mechanism.

However, the company doesn’t recommend you to put heavy objects on the stroller as it cause imbalance and can turn over the stroller. To solve this problem, for the everyday walks I have “SOS flowing layers” in the stroller basket. It is less cumbersome as I was just putting layers of diapers and wipes.


The price of the accessories remains on average relatively high between 50 and 100 euro. However, the price corresponds to the quality of the products. Besides, I often meet moms who possess strollers by other companies but with accessories from Bugaboo. I am saying this to prove that they are really of good quality.

There is also the possibility to buy the accessories on the specially organised second-hand markets at great prices. Remember to look around the whole market.


I have always found the system of fixing a rain cover over the stroller not very convenient. The Bugaboo aim is to cover the canopy completely. L’étiquette  sur la capote pluie doit bien recouvrir celle de la capote, dans le cas contraire si vous manquer de précision vous êtes condamnés à vous échiner sur la boucle élastique qu’il faut attacher aux crochets plastiques sur les côtés.Мег, това не го разбрах изобщо какво имат предвид.  It’s not that obvious when you are in the park and the rain is pouring.

On the other hand, in his defence, I must say that is of great shape and fix well on the sides to cover your Most Precious from the external storms. It’s very effective in windy conditions or heavy rain.


Oh yes! I had to find some gaps. It’s not too serious and the baby will not slip away but it is a bit annoying to straighten the baby cocoon. A small scratch or something else would have been welcomed.

Overall, despite those minor remarks, the  Bee + is a very good investment for urban parents who lack of space and are looking for a stroller 1st and 2nd age  without the hassle of multiple devices at the house. The price of the stroller is fully justified by it quality and robustness (I don’t compromise with that), its ergonomics for the baby and the parents and extremely easy to use.


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